Break The Couch

working with new media and human potential

What we do

Since 2012 we use new technologies to mobilise everyone to act on their interests.

  • We film videos for individuals, non-profit organisations, causes, social actions, grassroots movements and other cool initiatives in order to multiply their influence.

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One of the major activities of Break The Couch is to film Social Promotional Videos and other type of videos that send a message to the world or give a boost to aspiring initiatives.

More specifically we plan, film and produce:

  • Promotional videos for NGO’s & Social Enterprises
  • Promotional videos for social events
  • Pitch videos for crowdfunding campaigns
  • Promotional videos for workshop & training activities
  • Recap videos of events
  • Website videos – Pitching videos for websites
  • Music videos
  • Video Testimonials
  • Filming theatrical & dance performances
  • Filming online courses
  • Media coverage of live events & concerts
  • On demand projects
  • New Media Effectiveness Advisory
    We advise individuals, organisations, aspiring artists and young entrepreneurs on delivering effectively their message through new media channels. This includes coaching & mentoring on branding, social media strategies and event planning.

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We share our knowledge in order to increase the effectiveness of individuals and organizations. Specifically we focus on people or entities who have a message to deliver and they hesitate or do not know how to deliver it

More specifically:

  • We consult individuals and organizations on how to choose and use effectively Social Media platforms.
  • We consult individuals or organizations on branding.
  • We offer coaching services on teams who want to develop their performance.
  • We plan, develop & execute social media campaigns.
  • BTC-booth: We offer a studio for:
    • Rental for people to film their videos
    • Recording videos for individuals on high quality output
    • Live streaming possibility
    • Green screen availability
  • We deliver photos or short videos for eshops / websites / social media channels
  • We build websites / eshops
  • We do 360o virtual tours of your space
  • We do photo shootings on thematic concepts  
  • On demand tailormade projects
  • We create or get involved in inspirational, experiential, non-formal educational activities that involve new media and technologies as a tool.

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    One of our key innovations is that we combine new technologies, new media with learning.
    We strongly believe that where is interest education is happening.
    We choose to see new technologies as an opportunity for learning.
    We adore using fresh learning approaches to inspire ourselves and others.

    More specifically

    • We involve ourselves as sending organization in International Youth projects that involve media within the framework of Erasmus+ programme
    • We plan, prepare, deliver and report training activities on thematics connected with new media and purchasing self-fulfilment.
      Some examples of training programs:

      • Media Literacy
      • Social Media education
      • ICT skills
      • Filmmaking 101 and several other titles
    • We offer in-house trainings on the usage of media.
    • BTClabs: We deliver for free online, every month, a filmmaking or photography tutorial.
    • We offer learning internships and EVS placements connected with media, experiential learning and organization management.
    • We apply for and administer EU grants in order to create educational opportunities for youth, adults, educators and senior learners.
  • We welcome and facilitate a community of people who want to Break Their Couch, get involved, support, initiate or create projects.

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We opened an online space where people coming from all sort of creative industries can meet. Up to now, we host video makers, video enthusiasts, poets, musicians, YouTubers, painters, actors, youth activists, youth trainers or just people interested in joining and contributing to such a community.

We conduct several periodical physical meetings but also on demand meetings to do work on projects born in this space.

The aim of this community of people is: to create a space where people can purchase their passion and bring fulfilment in their lives.

The purposes of this community are:

  • to create a safe space where ideas can be hosted, developed and implemented;
  • to create new synergies with like-minded people who want to work together in projects;
  • to facilitate learning, experience, resources, success stories  from each others
  • to have fun while being creative;

Break The Couch community is open to everyone who is willing to take initiative beyond background, abilities, history, sexual preferences and beliefs.

It is open to everyone who is ready to contribute, play, learn, create in it.

If you are ready to Break Your Couch and join this community fill in this form and soon we will contact you about it.

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Why we do what we do

Back in 2012 three best friends were living in the Athens of economic recession. Unemployed or in jobs that they do not fulfil them, they gathered around a round table. They made a reality check and decided to take a stand. They created an initiative to bring them joy while being creative in their field of interest, regardless the given circumstances.

Between 2012 and 2016 Break The Couch team developed numerous idealistic video projects and involved in several experiential learning training activities by giving the chance to at least 50 young people from Greece to participate in such programs with media as a tool.  

In 2017 Break The Couch developed into a social enterprise that works with media as a tool for self-development and organizational development.

Today Break The Couch is consisted by 5 steering members and 2 dozens of members.

We believe that every person has a passion in life yet to be pursued. Break the Couch is a group of people who loves New Media and uses them to mobilise everyone to act on their interests.

The Couch for us is a modern symbol of laziness and passiveness and is perfectly combined with watching TV, where you neither react nor participate. On the other hand, in our day’s technology has given us opportunities. So not only we got off the couch but we also broke it!

We decided to create, to get involved, to act, to learn and to influence others.

All these combined together with our continuous will to keep learning and the decision to become active and creative brought the “Break The Couch” brand to life.

Who we are

I create a unique process for each client to ensure that business objectives are met, success is achieved and people are happy.

Panagiotis Mamouzakis Executive director

Panagiotis is an experiential learning expert.

Vasilis Dendrinos Artistic Director

Vasilis holds a BSc in Geology and Geo-Environment.....

Spiros Anastasiadis Quality control manager

Quality control manager

Panagiotis Andreadis Business development manager

Panagiotis is an engineer by education....

Vasilis Ntovantzis Community manager

​​Vassilis is a programmer by accident.....

Latest Projects

BTC Labs

BTC Labs is an online series about new media, filmmaking & photography techniques.

Every month since May 2016 we upload a new episode on our YouTube channel.

With these series we aim:

  • BTC Labs is an online series about new media
  • filmmaking & photography techniques. Every month since May 2016 we upload a new episode on our YouTube channel. With these series we aim: to learn more about filmmaking while mobilizing others to learn and pursue their creative passions to share in a creative way
  • knowledge with people interested in experimenting with filmmaking and photography.

They said for us

  • Break the Couch has supported the network of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service by preparing a promotional video on volunteering for the network and its mission. The team has from the beginning and during the entire project supported us enthusiastically! Their commitment and professionalism as well as the final result of their work, have been of a great added value to our network and its social mission. They have been an inspiration to us!

    Chrysafo Arvaniti Chrysafo Arvaniti
  • Mentoring a young and dynamic male group of 5 did struck me as a challenge. These incredible Break The Couch guys -former boy scouts and lifetime friends- managed to create an "agent provocateur” social enterprise venture, while being spread in different countries around the globe. Reuniting now in Athens for the first time in years, I committed to supporting them in figuring out their brand DNA, values and archetype. A bit concerned about group dynamics, I launched the workshop not knowing how it will all play out, only to find myself a couple of hours later enjoying an amazing behind-the-scenes glimpse of the male-bonding mystery process. Fun, ease of communication, witty -at times sharp- humour, instant non-verbal communication, trust and respect, admirable focus on goals, all forged at the intersection of companionship, vision and collaborative culture. Thank you guys for being such an inspiration, and letting me witness first-hand why men love hanging out with their buddies. Keep breaking the couch!

    Effie Lazaridou Effie Lazaridou
  • Break the Couch is one of the organizations we love working with for our Erasmus+ projects, as we always find commitment towards quality, a cheerful optimistic gang and full groups, prepared and ready to join our youth exchanges!

    George Adrian Oprea George Adrian Oprea – Synergy Romania project manager

Our partners & supporters

In our journey we had the luck to meet, work with, work for or do things because of many inspiring people and organizations. Some of them are listed below:

Let’s create together

We are always open to create Win-Win co-operations and to work with new people, brands and organizations. If you have an interesting or even crazy idea feel free to approach us.

Fill in the following form and we will respond to you within 4 working days.

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