Earth Hour 2012 @ Kypseli, Athens, Greece

Another project we created as a team before we form Break The Couch. This is shot with a simple HD camcorder (SANYO CG20).

Timelapse video

Earth Hour has been always very interesting on our way of thinking. To our mentality people doing something similar on the same time is really impressive and chaotic. Adding the value that they are doing it for a good cause makes it perfect for us. Therefore we always wanted to do something on this newly implemented special day of the world’s calendar.

Our participation during the years was just to turn off the lights and promote many local events through Social Media. This year was a bit different for us since some weeks before the Earth hour of 2012 one of our team members Vasilis came up with an amazing idea. For the last year we have been involved among others in the Social Media promotion of the “I Love Kypseli” initiative which is “a non-partisan initiative that started from the association of “Cafe Bar Restaurants of Kypseli” with the goal to upgrade the part of Athens were we live and work”. Today it is supported by many local groups and citizen organizations.

Kypseli neighborhood used to be one of the most prestigious areas of Athens in the mid 60s. After the 70s-80s many big buildings replaced the old buildings of the neighborhood making Kypseli area in the early 90s the 2nd most populated area in the planet. Lately the area has been blighted for many reasons.

Being good friends and not the Break the Couch team yet, Vasilis DendrinosSpyros Anastasiadis, Panagiotis Mamouzakis were absolutely thrilled with this project from the first time. Immediately it became a group project of the three of us. We all started working together to get everything ready. We started gathering all the information needed and we shared all the jobs (Event, Facebook Page promotion, creating posters and logos, contacting the City of Athens to get permissions, contacting local radio, searching for the materials, prepare the drawings etc… )

The poster
Timeline Banner
Facebook Timeline banner

Considering all the above this project is a great reason to film! So the idea was to create a time-lapse video from a roof above with a D-SLR. This is the time when our other friend Nikos Machairas joined the team. Apart from this we would have another HD video camera and also a photo camera taking footage from ground level were all the action was happening.

Sketch with details about the real sizes.

So the 31st of March came and we were all ready and very excited. We were all gathered 2 hours earlier at the place and started doing all the necessary preparations. Very soon the time was 20:30 and everything was ready. Thanks to some friends, but mostly thanks to some small children who came to join in our activity, all the cups were in place with candles inside just waiting. Friends and locals were ready and stand-by with lighters in their hands and the music was loud! In a single moment lights came of and the party had begun!

Video of the initiative 

What made us very happy was the participation of young children with their families which showed us that even in this difficult time for our country there are people willing to join and take themselves action in activities that do not aim in nothing more than shaping a better future. We thank them all!


On behalf of our “unnamed back then” team we want to thank:

  • Μunicipality of Athens and 6th Municipal district for turning of the lights
  • Skai radio 100.3 for promoting our activity
  • WWF Greece for showing interest and promoting the results of our activity
  • Association of Cafe Bar Restaurants of Kypseli for Helping with power supply, money for the materials and promoting the event with posters.
  • Mrs Litsa Vidali/Lahanas for providing us access to the roof and filming from above
  • Giorgos Sidiras, Penny Konsta and Konstantina Ganiatsa for helping us set up all the candles and cups

So this is our team:

+ Nikos (from the roof)


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