News from the Avant Premiere of our kickstart documentary.

more_than_a_marble (95)Last Tuesday (8th January 2012) was the first screening of our kick start documentary “More Than A Marble Path”. This completed a months-long effort that set the rules and self-defined us as a group of ambitious filmmakers.

The success was beyond our expectations, as friends, acquaintances and fellow citizens, who also heard us on the radio (Athens 98.4), wanted to give us the opportunity to show them our effort. In fact, we had to do three screenings for everyone to see.

more_than_a_marble (26)

more_than_a_marble (62)

All these however, would not have been accomplished without the hospitality of Vryssaki, living space of art and action, in Monastiraki. When we explained to them who we are and what we do, the people there wanted, right away, to help us out. Not because we are well known or nice looking (obviously), but simply because they have the same principles as us.

With joy we found that the philosophy of “BREAK THE COUCH” slowly but steadily finds people that support it.

more_than_a_marble (34)

But the best part of the evening was in the foyer, chatting and having a wine. We heard your opinions, ideas and suggestions, which left us speechless and your support moved us, since everyone seemed to have gained something different from our film. Some saw the Island from a different point of view, many beautiful images, some the volunteerism and some others as a different approach to creating a documentary.

more_than_a_marble (86)

Finally, we would like to thank you all, because you gave us the strength to keep going. We hope you will give us again the opportunity to travel you, through our work…

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