News from the projection at the New Year’s pie of “Brotherhood of Tinians in Athens”

IMG_1682On Sunday (13 January 2013) the “Brotherhood of Tinians in Athens,” cut their New Year’s pie. With great pleasure, we accepted the invitation of their president, Sotiris Kourvaras to present there our documentary. He had been present at the “Vryssaki” and attended our first projection held there.

The cutting of the New Year’s pie was a pleasant surprise for us with an idea of Greek island traditions that have been pasted.  Children of all ages from 5 to 95, had come to see their friends, to tell the news, to have fun, to gossip and slowly all together, sat down to begin the celebration.

Messages from local leaders were heard, who because of the distance or personal reasons could not be present, as well as the blessings of the great benefactors of the island.

The members of the brotherhood were informed for finances and accounts, and certainly this did not happen without tensions and reactions but with laughter as well. Bystanders, showed directly their generosity by making a donation of the amount needed for the brotherhood to continue its work.

Immediately after, the Orthodox priest, as if from another era, made the traditional blessing. He preached an inspiring sermon which ended with spontaneous applause from everyone. Deep faith in one man is always striking, not just the Christian one.

The cutting of the cake had it all; only the traditional village square was missing from the middle, so that we would catch each other’s hands and dance all together.

IMG_1688After all this finished we took our place on the microphone. While Spyros was preparing the technical, Billy informed the brotherhood with a few words who we are and what we do as a team. Immediately after this the projection of the documentary started. The reactions varied, the pictures of the documentary touched some and reminded others. In fact a little girl when she saw the sandy beach wanted to get up to go to dive. The Tinians looked longingly the foreigners, who had gone to their village and cleared the path, perhaps anxious to go see it in the summer. Who knows, maybe this year they will also walk it from beginning to end!

At the end of the projection everyone was excited by the images they saw, above all because they were reminded of their island, of summer and also their history, which perhaps was a little rusty on their minds.

Then, another surprise awaited us. The local Tinians sang their own traditional carols. Unfortunately we did not retain them but we are glad that we listened.

IMG_1685 Then we went together to the well known in student circles place called “Tiniako”. There, like genuine islanders who love their land and their customs, they offered us wine and some appetizers. We drank we said “Yamas” (“Cheers”) and the conversations continued.

 We, through our work, highlighted some of the beauties of the island, but you have to go there to stay, to meet the people, to have a full picture.

 Thank you very much for everything, either in Athens or at the island which you gave us…

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