Filming Roadtrip

We are happy to announce to you our filming roadtrip for the Alliance Video Project.

As we wrote on a previous post our team has been selected to take over and fulfill a Video Project aiming to promote  Alliance Workcamps.

The planning was hard and we had to choose interesting workcamps that they fit to our times.

In total we will visit 5 workcamps in Germany, Serbia, Greece, UK, the Netherlands and a conference of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations in Brussels, Belgium.

The first 3 camps are involving a big roadtrip from the Netherlands till Greece and then back through Italy.

Here is the map of the first trip:

Break The Couch roadtrip

The planning goes as well:

We started rolling on the 5th of August and this is our route.
2588km on the road in order to film 3 workcamps of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations
a) NurembergGermany for the workcamp of ijgd Workcamps [5-8 August]
b) Mali StaparSerbia for the workcamp of Mladi Istrazivaci Srbije. [9-12 August]
c) Pentalofos, KozaniGreece for the workcamp of Citizens in Action. [13-16 August]

Many greetings from the road…

On the way to Nuremburg…Break the Couch team.

Soon updates from the first Workcamp we are currently visiting.

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