It is suddenly all Greek to me again

Workcamp #3, Pentalofos, Kozani, Greece.

φωτογραφία (20)Waking up in the northern part of Serbia at 5:30am and knowing that you have to drive through the whole Balkan peninsula its not what you want to do everyday. Again driving in 3 countries and now not always in highways we experienced for 13 hours a bit of the balkan nature and of course taste.

Destination was Pentalofos a small village on the most mountainous area of Greece in the middle of Pindos mountain range 84km from Kozani. Entering Greece we had very mixed feelings, it felt like we reached the end of a roadtrip from the Netherlands till Greece. However the trip was not finished since we had to drive through the mountain range for 2hours. To make ourselves more comfortable for the last part we made a stop to experience Greece. Specially for Panagiotis was kinda obligatory since he hasn’t been in Greece for 8 months. Traditional Souvlaki in a local restaurant and Iced Cappuccino (Freddo Cappuccino) gave us the strength to drive uphill without any nagging.

Arriving in Pentalofos we got really overwhelmed from the accommodation of the Youth Center and it was really what we wanted for a proper sleep.

It is the 7th time that the village is hosting a workcamp and all the locals are really familiar with the presence of international people walking with shovels and hoes early morning in the narrow streets of the village. The last 6 years volunteers are taking care of several manual works. Keeping the tradition the volunteers this time were involved in the cleaning and opening a path which is leading to a chestnut reservoir, taking part on the renovation of a historical building, living in a monastery for 3 days and assisting the monk, refreshing old works done by previous workcamps and many other big and small projects in the village and the surrounding area.

Workcamping in Greece

The group of the participants was coming from every side of the planet. Mexico, Belgium, Korea, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Czech Rep., Italy, Poland, Slovakia, France and of course Greece. During our stay there we had the chance to experience 2 very interesting evening activities. Due to one of the biggest religious celebrations in Greece on the 15th of August there was a folklore festival in the nearest village 2km away from Pentalofos. Volunteers visited the village and had the chance to listen live folklore Greek music and taught by the locals, how to dance. The second night the volunteers invited the locals in their place and they had arranged many surprises for their hosts.  They arranged a big intercultural evening where they were presenting their countries speaking in Greek! They also cooked traditional food from their countries.

By visiting this workcamp we actually finished the first half part of our filming for the Alliance Video Project and a huge roadtrip of 3000km almost came to an end. Next day early morning we drove back to Athens where we officially repatriated.

Our team is officially physically located in Athens at least for a week.
On the 23rd of August Vasilis and Spyros are flying to UK where they will film another Workcamp
On the 26th of August Panagiotis is sailing back and by car driving back to the Netherlands where he will meet Vasilis in Belgium to film in the Alliance conference and meet Spyros in the Netherlands to film the last Workcamp in Utrecht.

Our filming project is almost in the middle and we are really happy with the so far results. If you want to know more about the project stay tuned for the next workcamping experiences.

Photo album of this workcamp:

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