Finding a New Mountain in the Netherlands

“NEW MOUNTAIN” Preparation meeting

New Mountain logo smallAs you might already know  Break The Couch team decided to get involved in several European programs. All of us as experienced youth leaders we feel that Breaking the Couch is coming while traveling, experiencing and meeting people from other cultures and other countries.

This summer we started with the Youth in Action exchange named Levers of Change and now it is the second time that we are involved in a Youth Project in the Netherlands.

This time we are are involved dually in the project with the name NEW MOUNTAIN which is a Basic Synergy Training. Our role is double because not only we will bring 5 youngsters from Greece to participate, but our member Panagiotis is one of the three main trainers of the project.

But what is Basic Synergy Training? The Basic Synergy Trainings started and developed in the Netherlands by Olde Vechte Foundation and they are Personal Development trainings. The main theme of the NEW MOUNTAIN is “How to Create fulfilment in a jobless economy” and we will invite 5 youngsters from Greece that they are unemployed or threatened by unemployment or they are not satisfied with their job to participate in this training.

From the 14th to 16th of October 2013 already selected participants of the project visited the Netherlands and specifically the Olde Vechte Foundation. During two full working days they had the chance to get introduced to basic media skills. Vasilis, who is member of Break The Couch and participant of the project shared with the rest of the participants some of his media skills. For 2 days participants were busy with media input and assignments. Soon we will post some of the results in our facebook page..

2013-10-15 14.18.47

The NEW MOUNTAIN project will take place from the 19th to 30th of January 2014 and 5 young people from Greece will travel to the Netherlands and during this 12 working days they will have the chance to learn by experience about themselves and focus on how to create fulfilment in their lives.

In the project, the 5 Greek young people will meet and work with young people from Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Spain, the Netherlands, and Romania.


All the participants of the APV left satisfied and happy looking forward for the Exchange. Very soon there will be more details and information about the preparation and the exchange.

Stay tuned cause the information letter and the application form are coming

This project is funded by Youth in Action and participants have to cover 30% of their travel expenses and 50€ of the participation fee. Accommodation, food, program costs are 100% covered.


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