Alliance Video Project

This video is dedicated to the short term international voluntary projects, known as “workcamps” the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations organizes since 1982 with the vision to promote peace, intercultural understanding and active participation!

Alliance’s 50 member organizations in Europe, Asia and America, organize every year approximately 2000 international workcamps within local communities, in which they bring together, on average 15.000 volunteers from all around the world.

The “Break the Couch” team traveled around Europe, visited Alliance workcamps, spoke with volunteers, local partners, Alliance activists within the life of the network and tried to show you why it is worth “Joining the Wonderful World of Volunteering”.

The project has been supported by the European Youth Foundation.

For the official Alliance website click here
To see the blog-posts of each workcamp click here


Produced by: Break the Couch
Directed by: Vasilis Dendrinos
Sound & Camera: Panagiotis Mamouzakis, Spyros Anastasiadis, Vasilis Dendrinos
Editing, Design & Post-Production: Vasilis Dendrinos
Transcript: Spyros Anastasiadis, Vasilis Dovantzis
Subtitling: Vasilis Dendrinos
Song : (Under a CC license)

Cast (in order of appearance):

Netherlands, Amersfoort :
Brian 18 USA (Volunteer)

United Kingdom, Midhurst:
John Barrett United Kingdom (Chairman of MADhurst Festival)
Oksana 27 Ukraine (Volunteer)

Serbia, Mali Stapar:
Sofija Sadzakov 22 (Workcamp Leader)
Ivan 19 Russia (Volunteer)

Germany, Georgensgmünd:
Dieter Schöbel, Germany (Environmental Education Center Manager)
Eleonora, 19 Italy (Volunteer)
Fred 20 China (Volunteer)

Greece, Pentalofos:
Axel Björklund 20 Sweden (Workcamp leader)
Amelie, 22 Germany (Volunteer)
Apostolos Koustas (Pentalofos Cultural Association Member)

Stergios Tarnanas (Pentalofos Cultural Association President)

Alliance working Groups:
Bojan Beronja Serbia (Staff Development Working Group Coordinator)
Sophie Chielens Belgium (Access for All Working Group Coordinator)

Matia Lolli, Italy (Environmental Sustainability Group Coordinator)

Copyright © Alliance 2014

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