Being Special

Few thoughts from Olga Karageorgiou, Greek participant of the Youth Exchange “Generation Y: Between Dystopia and Utopia” happened in Olde Vechte Foundation between 1-12 February 2014, in Ommen, The Netherlands.


Living in a country with more that 50% young unemployed people and having applied unsuccessfully more than 50 times for a job, I never felt special in my life. At least I didn’t feel that the others considered me as someone special. Coming to Olde Vechte for the exchange “Generation Y: Between Dystopia and Utopia” the people that showed us around asked us this very question: ‘Do you feel special?

I raised my hand and watched around how many people had the same feeling with me. Well, they were not so many! But at the end of the project, I believe, we all felt the same. We all had a unique experience and we all felt like we are special and we have to give more. It is a special feeling that came after the training. A feeling that anything is possible, that inspiration and joy have suddenly broken into our lives and they are never willing to leave. But let’s take the story from the beginning.

I was one of the 32 participants from 8 countries (Croatia, France, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, the Netherlands and Turkey) that participated in this Youth in Action project. The project was meant to be about Generation Y, their way of living and reacting in their communities and even more their relationship with the media. That was not the truth! The project was about all those, but in fact it was about even more. One of the main goals of this project was to let us have a unique experience that will change our lives. Another goal was to let us make friends from all around Europe, from all the 8 countries participating. But the most important goal was to help us unlock our potentials!

Generation YThat is something that really worked for me. Those 12 days in Olde Vechte helped me unlock many potentials I have been hiding inside and, even more, some that I didn’t know they existed. I really don’t know what the secret formula was, but people in Small House Productions do really know how to do it. But maybe it is not because of them. It could be that it is an old tradition that Olde Vechte Foundation has, because even Elena Tudorache and Andreas Hannes (Small House Productions and our facilitators) had similar experiences in Olde Vechte before. Or it could be that their assistances (Anne Smeets, Elif Kansiz, Luzian Ghinda and Fabio Bruno) did a really good job. Or maybe it was just us, the participants, that were great and willing to take as much as possible out of this training.

Even more, it could be the perfect match of all those combined! I don’t know. But still all those helped me to get to know more about myself and my potentials and limits. The whole program was running fast thought those days and every day we had a new challenge. A challenge to create something beautiful and new and a challenge to test ourselves to do more, to take action, to participate, to work in teams, to interact with people different than us. All those people that in the beginning were total strangers to me and in the end were good friends.

During the program we had to create our own short films inspired by Generation Y and to dive into the world of filmmaking in all possible ways. Every day we had new film projects, by working in small teams, and new filmmaking input and knowledge. Most of them we had to find them by ourselves, which helped us to find new information giving tools. Even more we had to give feedback to the rest of the teams and criticize them in an offering way. In the end of the project we had to have an outdoor experience in the real world, where we had to create from zero our own short film about Generation Y and after that an event showing what we had done so long. Our special talents and skills had to be shown in those parts of the training the most! And in the end we found out that we all had talents and skills. Some of us found some skills that they didn’t exist there before, or they were not mentioned.

And if you ask me now the same question, I will certainly answer to you that ‘yes, I am special! As everybody is!’ The difference is that now I can find the good and bad parts or aspects of other people and situations, and work with them equally. I believe in myself and I am willing to dream and to try for my beliefs.

I will never forget Olde Vechte Foundation and Small House production! I wish that I will keep in touch with all my new friends from Generation Y! And I will always thank Break the Couch that helped me Break my personal couch and get out of my comfort zone! It was a Great experience! Thank you all so much!

Olga Karageorgiou

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