Dream Job Vacancy for New Media Travelers

Dream JobThis morning the BREAK THE COUCH team woke up with a very interesting email in our inbox. One of our friends send us an email with the name “Job Vacancy Tailor made for you”. In the text box of the email there was an encouragement that one member of our team should apply definetly for the following job.  Also the email was followed with some lines “You have to do it, you deserve it”, “I will write a recommendation letter for you”.

We clicked on the link and we landed in the job portal of SWISS Air. There among the jobs there was one with the title “The SWISS Explorer” published yesterday (5/5/2014). From the first sentence of the Job Description we got fascinated from what was about to come: Are you a modern-day Marco Polo with a talent for reporting and filming, while putting an airline’s products and services to the test at the same time?”. 

In few words what is it about: “SWISS is inviting an adventurous spirit with plenty of drive to travel the globe on its behalf for 6 months and share his/her memorable experiences with a worldwide audience. 

You’ll visit vibrant cities and their surroundings, experience cultural and culinary highlights, try out some of the travel tips posted on our redesigned website, and add your own insights to one of the most frequently visited websites in Switzerland. Your assignment will be to document your adventures by writing blog reports, taking photographs, recording videos and sending Tweets via Twitter about the who, what, when, where and how of your roving encounters. Not a bad gig!


In a nutshell, we’re looking for someone with the following profile:

  • Cosmopolitan personality with a strong command of written and spoken English
  • Exceptional creativity, with a keen eye for graphic presentation
  • A natural entertainer who enjoys creating lively, high-quality content for our new swiss.com page
  • Strong photographic skills and an intermediate or higher level of ability in shooting and editing video

Application deadline:
May 28, 2014

Starting date:
Upon agreement

Employment level:

Zurich, Switzerland and around the world”



Visiting the website of The SWISS Explorer we landed on a very beautiful website explaining furthermore about this Job position.

Here some FAQ’s might interest you.

What makes the traveller’s dream job so special?

As the SWISS Explorer, you’ll spend 6 months testing our offers and the Explore tips on our new website – at the various locations all over the world, and as a passenger when flying.

What will I be doing as the SWISS Explorer?

You’ll blog, report, film, document and twitter from all over the place and become a stylistically confident, critical and independent ambassador for the Swiss airline. You’ll write short critiques and travel reports about the tips on the swiss.com website. And you’ll test our flight offers and services.

How independent will I be as the SWISS Explorer?

As the SWISS Explorer, you’ll be an employee of Swiss International Air Lines. As a credible tester, you’ll have the freedom to tell us and SWISS customers what you really like, and where there is still room for improvement.

What skills and abilities do I need to have?

You’ll have a personal and expressive style of writing, speak and write fluent English, understand Swiss culture, and have a flair for new media and how to use them.

What other requirements do I need to fulfil?

As a general rule, in order to qualify for the application and selection process for the role of SWISS Explorer, you must be a legal adult, with no criminal record, and be a citizen of Switzerland or a member country of the European Union.

Where will I be based as the SWISS Explorer?

As the SWISS Explorer, you will be based with Swiss International Air Lines in Kloten. You’ll travel the world from Zurich Airport. But you’ll also spend time at the SWISS head office.

Can I decide my own working hours?

As the SWISS Explorer, you won’t be tied to normal working hours, and will largely determine your day yourself, depending on your current travel activities. However, there may well be times when you will have to work weekends and outside normal office hours.

How often will I travel as the SWISS Explorer?

You will travel a lot as the SWISS Explorer. During the 6 months of your employment, you will travel to between 20 and 26 SWISS destinations, spending about 2 or 3 days at each location, and sometimes longer.

What will my terms of employment be with SWISS?

As the SWISS Explorer, you will be a temporary full-time employee of SWISS for 6 months.

Please also check out the other SWISS vacancies at: SWISS Careers

Do I need to bring any technical equipment with me to work as the Explorer?

SWISS will provide you with all the equipment you will need in your position as the SWISS Explorer. For instance, you will be given a laptop, mobile phone and camera for the period of your employment. Of course, you are also welcome to use your own equipment.

You need more? Check out the video SWISS Air prepared for this position. Also using the technique of POV making it even more attracting to the viewer so he can really go for it.

The “headquarters” of the BREAK THE COUCH team are on fire, since morning, emails, facebook messages, looking on our footage what we can use, and who is willing to apply for it. Yet our enthusiasm is overwhelming so it is rather unclear who, if and how we are going to apply.

How about you?
Are you applying?

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  1. It does sound like the best job ever

  2. Hello world I recently found my dream job, being the Swiss Explorer. While I’m a little late to collect votes I’m hoping YOU can help me!!!
    You get a chance to win 2 flight tickets anywhere in Europe! All you have to do iswatch, laugh, share & VOTE through the link below:

    THanks a lote, it would mean the world to me… literally!😀

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