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Cuts & Transitions – BTC Lab 1


A cut is an abrupt or sudden change or jump in camera angle, location, placement, or time, from one shot to another. A visual cut consists of a transition from one scene to another.

The basic categories of cutting we analyse in these videos are: Hard Cut, Cutting on action, Cuttaway, Look off, Cross cutting, Jump Cut, Match cut, Dissolve, Smash Cut, Iris, Wipe, Fade, Invisible cut, Combinations of the previous. We made some small examples using playmobil toysso that we will have easy and first hand experience.

Break the Couch lab is a series of videos in which we study and research each time a new filmmaking skill.

Song (under CC Attribution licence):
Doctor Turtle – 05 – It Looks Like The Future But It Feels Like The Past

Break The Couch Labs are here!

BTCLabsBreak The Couch team proudly introduces Break The Couch labs, an online series about new media, filmmaking & photography techniques

In Break the Couch we share the passion for new media and filmmaking. Over the last few years we have substantially invested in equipment which we have used successfully in multiple projects so far. In May 2016, we decided to take our knowledge to the next skill level and in parallel we wanted to share our newly acquired knowledge with whomever is interested in learning filmmaking. This thought gave birth to our new series of episodes, called “BTC Labs”.

In these episodes we are experimenting with a new technique, we combine our knowledge, and we make a video. There is a lot of work to these episodes but this is something that doesn’t scare us at all, inversely it motivates us so much and we have tons of fun. We are going to the beach to take time-lapses, and in forests to practice our new Steadicam shots, let alone the DIY projects that enable us to get some cool camera angles videos.

Let’s be clear, we don’t see BTC labs as an end in itself but as a means to achieve the vision of Break The Couch. Summarizing the above in some crisp sentences, with our new series we aim at:

  • Learn about filmmaking and mobilize others to learn and pursue their creative passions by participating in the episodes
  • Use the knowledge to substantially improve the next Break The Couch projects
  • Share the knowledge and passion with the broader community that may not have access to Break The Couch due to other constraints e.g. logistics, time



Break The Couch team