About us

The members of the Break The Couch team are experienced Youth Workers and Scout leaders. The common ground for them is that they met together as boy scouts, as kids and they kept their friendship while transforming it to an initiative that can bring them fulfillment and being productive.

Panagiotis Mamouzakis is an experienced Youth Worker, Trainer & Coach of several experiential learning programs. Scouting, traveling and experiential learning empowered him to create a project portfolio with more than 100 projects in more than 10 countries. A digital native and a devoted change-maker who likes media and being focused on the integration of the new media with non-formal learning and modern educational approaches. He believes that the new technologies are not evil but a tool for progression and he works with the vision to support others to create a self-empowering & fulfilling context in their lives. He just relocated himself in Athens after 4 years of residency in the Netherlands.

Vasilis Dendrinos has a BSc in Geology and Geo-Environment and also a Documentary Filmmaking Diploma in London. He is responsible for the directing and editing of the team’s video projects. Passionate about all aspects of music, plays the guitar with studies in modern theory and improvisation. He has been a scout since he was 7 and he is an active blogger, filmmaker, social media manager.

Panagiotis Andreadis is an engineer by education but currently works in the investment space. He loves traveling and has worked in 15 countries and 4 continents in a variety of multinational cross functional teams. After all these years of getting international experience he decided to move back in Athens and bring the gained competencies where he started from. He likes running and joined scouts at the age of 6. He contributes to the team with his communication and project sourcing skills.

Spiros Anastasiadis has a BSc in Information Technology with Business Information Systems. Currently working as a software developer. He has passion for New Media, Filmmaking and Photography. He is always prepared to travel, meet new people and gain experience. He believes that, the feeling of satisfaction from knowing you have really made a difference by volunteering, has no match. He was actively involved with the Explorer Scouts for over a decade. He just relocated in himself in Athens after a total of 12 years of residency in London.


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