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Mediagraphy+ Phase 1 | Design & Creativity



Ahoy world,

Break The Couch team presents the project ofSynergy Romania: “Mediagraphy+”. This project is consisted of 3 youth exchanges that they will take place in Iasi, Romania and they will be messing with media, photography, personal branding and design.

Our team gives the chance to 5 Greek participants to participate in each phase. Participants can get involved and return in more than one phase.

Phase1 is about Design and Creativity and it is happening 13-21 November 2015. We look for 5 youngsters 18-30 interested in developing media competences. Accommodation, food and transportation are funded there is a participation fee of 30€.

More information on the infopack here:
Registration form:

For applying and questions drop us a line at:

Phase2: Social Media & Branding (16-23 February 2016)
Phase3: Photo & Video (8-15 April 2016)

3 Years Break The Couch


3 years passed very fast, happy birthday to everyone who did Break The Couch!

MediAct | Youth Exchange in Croatia



NEW LEARNING OPPORTUNITY for 5 Greek participants from Break The Couch team funded by European Commission.
“MediAct” is an international youth exchange that
will take place in Zagreb, Croatia
from 17th to 26th of April 2015
organised by Syncro – Synergy Croatia.
It will unite 30 people from 6 different countries: Armenia, Romania, Turkey, Georgia, Croatia and Greece.

The goal of the exchange is to raise awareness about discrimination in social media and give an opportunity to young people to acquire skills and competences on using social media while spreading tolerance.

If you want more information read here:
If you want to apply fill in the application: and
send it to panagiotis at

Nicolas Leivaditis – Na Fevgeis (official music video)


Να φεύγεις
Νικόλας Λειβαδίτης(nL)…

στίχοι//μουσική: Νικόλας Λειβαδίτης(nL)

Τύμπανα: Παύλος Λογαράς
Κοντραμπάσο: Μιχάλης Καλκάνης
Τσέλο: Άρης Ζέρβας
Πιάνο: Ηλίας Καλούδης
Κιθάρες: Νικόλας Λειβαδίτης(nL)
Φωνητικά: Κατερίνα Θεοδοσίου

Η ηχογράφηση έγινε στο Studio:
Ηχοληψία: Λάκης Χαλκιόπουλος

Σκηνοθεσία και παραγωγή Video Clip: BreakTheCouch

Artwork εξωφύλλου: Κωνσταντίνος Γεωργαντάς

nL Livaditis

Volunteering with Alliance – Making of & Behind the Scenes


During the Summer of 2013 Break The Couch team had the chance to travel in 11 countries, meet 117 volunteers, make a roadtrip of 5294km filming the video “Volunteering with Alliance” (

We also visited cities, towns, villages, paths, museums, workcamps, police stations, airports, ports, train stations, spa, conferences and all sort of places.

We visited any kind of festivals: Bavaric festival, music festival, traditional festival, street festival, local cooking festival.

We used any kind of transportation: car, boat, airplanes, trains, metro, bikes, military vehicles, ferry, taxi, buses and as you imagine our feet.

We slept in the car, in hostels, in a military base shared with Dutch soldiers, on the floor, on a couch (without breaking it), on the deck of a ferry, in youth centers and a bit in our beds.

We filmed, we traveled, we learnt, we grew.

In this video we present the story behind the camera and some of the experiences we accumulated while filming the Alliance Video Project.

Watch the video “Volunteering with Alliance” here:
Watch the playlist of some extra videos we created during the project here:…

Break The Couch team:
Vasilis Dendrinos
Panagiotis Mamouzakis
Spyros Anastasiadis
Vassilis Ntovantzis

Music: Kevin MacLeod – Latin Industries

Break The Couch links:
Facebook page:

Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations links:

MakingOf Alliance

Volunteering with Alliance – Extra Videos

Alliance Extras

Almost a year ago we were travelling and filming in 6 different countries the #AllianceVideoProject ( ) for the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations.
Being overwhelmed from the media material we collected we decided to upload several short videos with moments and thematics that we consider worth sharing with you.

Below the playlist with the 8 new videos

2 Years Breaking our Couches!

Break The Couch team blowing its second candle on the 11th of May 2014.

All this 365 days we were working on different levels, in different projects and most of the time from different countries. Greece, UK, The Netherlands were some of the bases of our team. We did several things and we want to brag a bit about them, if it is ok with you.

It's fun to be two

In May 2013, we celebrated together the first year of Break The Couch. Having the experience of one year full of dreams and plans we entered to the second year of our life. The Second year we have to say that it was a bit more demanding but also rather fulfilling. We can say we are kinda multitasking since we end up having several projects and for some of them you are not even aware of. Most of them though, you already know them so, we can just count them: Read the rest of this entry

Dream Job Vacancy for New Media Travelers

Dream JobThis morning the BREAK THE COUCH team woke up with a very interesting email in our inbox. One of our friends send us an email with the name “Job Vacancy Tailor made for you”. In the text box of the email there was an encouragement that one member of our team should apply definetly for the following job.  Also the email was followed with some lines “You have to do it, you deserve it”, “I will write a recommendation letter for you”.

We clicked on the link and we landed in the job portal of SWISS Air. There among the jobs there was one with the title “The SWISS Explorer” published yesterday (5/5/2014). From the first sentence of the Job Description we got fascinated from what was about to come: Are you a modern-day Marco Polo with a talent for reporting and filming, while putting an airline’s products and services to the test at the same time?”. 

In few words what is it about: “SWISS is inviting an adventurous spirit with plenty of drive to travel the globe on its behalf for 6 months and share his/her memorable experiences with a worldwide audience.  Read the rest of this entry

Being Special

Few thoughts from Olga Karageorgiou, Greek participant of the Youth Exchange “Generation Y: Between Dystopia and Utopia” happened in Olde Vechte Foundation between 1-12 February 2014, in Ommen, The Netherlands.


Living in a country with more that 50% young unemployed people and having applied unsuccessfully more than 50 times for a job, I never felt special in my life. At least I didn’t feel that the others considered me as someone special. Coming to Olde Vechte for the exchange “Generation Y: Between Dystopia and Utopia” the people that showed us around asked us this very question: ‘Do you feel special?

Read the rest of this entry

Alliance Video Project

This video is dedicated to the short term international voluntary projects, known as “workcamps” the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations organizes since 1982 with the vision to promote peace, intercultural understanding and active participation!

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