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11 countries, 9 flights, 5294km of a roadtrip, 1 ferry, 8 trains, 117 volunteers, 6 workcamps and 2 months on the road. “Alliance Video Project” was a challenging Video project for the “Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations” under the funds of the Council of Europe.
The video project is aiming to promote and educate through several videos: future volunteers, local community, funders and project leaders of international volunteer projects (workcamps).

Break The Couch goes to Paris

IMG_2888Few days ago Break The Couch team visited Paris. The reason of this travel was to take part in a preparation meeting with members of the  ERC committee of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations. As we updated you in our recent post our team has been selected to take over and fulfill a Video Project aiming to promote  Alliance Workcamps.

Alliance gave trust to our application since we already got involved in filming a Workcamp last summer. Our movie More Than A Marble Path / Κάτι Περισσότερο απο Μονοπάτι ( was the springboard of this new cooperation.

On the 7th until the 9th of June 2013, we traveled from Greece and the Netherlands to attend the preparation meeting in the Concordia Association’s offices in Paris. There along with the ERC committee after showing them pieces of our work we started building the video.


The project seems very demanding because we will need during the summer to travel in 7-8 different countries and film 8-9 workcamps for 3 days each. The proposed countries are France, Germany, UK, Russia, Estonia, Croatia, Greece, the Netherlands, Belgium and some more.

Nowadays we are working on our itinerary and road map of our plan. It seems that we will have a full summer of travels and filming. Of course we like the concept cause  we will not need to use our couch for long time, on the other hand we will need to take buses, trains, airplanes, pickup vans, hiking routes, taxis, boats and any possible mean of transportation with our equipment on our back to go and film around Europe.

Isn’t that exciting?