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Mediagraphy+ phase3 | Photo & Video



Break The Couch team is presenting the phase3 of the project Mediagraphy+ which is a Youth Exchange about “Photo and Video”.

Our team has 5 placements for Greek participants aged between 18-30. Food, accommodation are covered and travel costs are reimbursed up to 170€ and there is a participation fee to the hosting organization 30€.

The project is happening between 8th – 15th of April 2016 at Iasi, Romaniaand it is organized from our partners Synergy Romania.

Infopack for the project:
Application form:

There is no deadline, because we do not like dead people. We will accept applications until 5 people have tickets to Iasi. You can find out live if there are free spots here:

For applying and questions drop us a line at: panagiotis at

Mediagraphy+ phase2 | Social Media & Branding



Break The Couch team is opening now the application procedure for enthusiastic participants for the Mediagraphy+ phase2, Youth Exchange happening in Iasi, Romania between 16-23 February 2016 organised by Synergy Romania.

Read what Maria, participant of phase1 shared after her experience in phase1: “Mediagraphy+ is a Youth Exchange project designed to enhance your self-branding skills. The vision of Mediagraphy+ is the power of choice, the authenticity and the expression of the inner self, aspects unique for each person.
The first part of the project, focused on social media, is already completed and provided the participants with diverse skills such as communication and creativity tips, IT skills (use of softwares like Illustrator, Indesign, etc) and useful ideas of self-promotion.
We got to design our own logo and moto, develop our speech skills, experiment with new photography techniques and much more.
We formed a strong, bonded group and saw the development in each of us through these 9 beautiful days in Iasi, Romania.
Don’t wait more. Apply for the second and third parts 🙂

Application form:
Other inquiries: panagiotis at

Mediagraphy+ Phase 1 | Design & Creativity



Ahoy world,

Break The Couch team presents the project ofSynergy Romania: “Mediagraphy+”. This project is consisted of 3 youth exchanges that they will take place in Iasi, Romania and they will be messing with media, photography, personal branding and design.

Our team gives the chance to 5 Greek participants to participate in each phase. Participants can get involved and return in more than one phase.

Phase1 is about Design and Creativity and it is happening 13-21 November 2015. We look for 5 youngsters 18-30 interested in developing media competences. Accommodation, food and transportation are funded there is a participation fee of 30€.

More information on the infopack here:
Registration form:

For applying and questions drop us a line at:

Phase2: Social Media & Branding (16-23 February 2016)
Phase3: Photo & Video (8-15 April 2016)

MediAct | Youth Exchange in Croatia



NEW LEARNING OPPORTUNITY for 5 Greek participants from Break The Couch team funded by European Commission.
“MediAct” is an international youth exchange that
will take place in Zagreb, Croatia
from 17th to 26th of April 2015
organised by Syncro – Synergy Croatia.
It will unite 30 people from 6 different countries: Armenia, Romania, Turkey, Georgia, Croatia and Greece.

The goal of the exchange is to raise awareness about discrimination in social media and give an opportunity to young people to acquire skills and competences on using social media while spreading tolerance.

If you want more information read here:
If you want to apply fill in the application: and
send it to panagiotis at