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1st Efklios Run in Imittos

Break the Couch went running to help reforestation of mount Ymittos

We wanted for a while to get involved in sports but we were seeking the necessary opportunity. An opportunity which would combine athletics with a broader social impact. The opportunity arose and we decided to make a few videos about 1st Efklios Run in South Ymittos, Athens organized by Efklis. When we got to know about the event, we contacted the necessary authorities and voluntarily offered to make videos about the run.

Why did we choose this run? For us it was a clear cut:

1) Parts of the proceeds from the participants’ fee will be donated for the reforestation of Ymittos. Ymittos is a mountain range in the Athens area, which has suffered a lot from fires during the past decades

2) It was the first run organized for this purpose and we wanted to raise awareness for the event and its objective and help the local community

3) We thought that a mountain run would be very attractive for video purposes


We made visits to meet the organizers and to see the mountain and the trail where the run would take place. Two members of Break the Couch visited in advance the place and filmed a teaser video (which was published 2 weeks in advance of the event) to raise the number of participations. In addition it was great for us to structure our thoughts and see which the best places to shoot from are.

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Dream Job Vacancy for New Media Travelers

Dream JobThis morning the BREAK THE COUCH team woke up with a very interesting email in our inbox. One of our friends send us an email with the name “Job Vacancy Tailor made for you”. In the text box of the email there was an encouragement that one member of our team should apply definetly for the following job.  Also the email was followed with some lines “You have to do it, you deserve it”, “I will write a recommendation letter for you”.

We clicked on the link and we landed in the job portal of SWISS Air. There among the jobs there was one with the title “The SWISS Explorer” published yesterday (5/5/2014). From the first sentence of the Job Description we got fascinated from what was about to come: Are you a modern-day Marco Polo with a talent for reporting and filming, while putting an airline’s products and services to the test at the same time?”. 

In few words what is it about: “SWISS is inviting an adventurous spirit with plenty of drive to travel the globe on its behalf for 6 months and share his/her memorable experiences with a worldwide audience.  Read the rest of this entry