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Giving life to bikes!

Workcamp #1, Georgensgmünd, Bayern, Germany.

After 6,5 hours of easy riding in the German Autobahn we reached Georgensgmünd,Germany, where the first workcamp which have to film is located.

It is a very interesting project where 17 people from all over the world along with many locals they work and relax at the municipal building named “Don Camillo“. Don Camillo is a lively cultural center where the last 6 years workcamps of IJGD are taking place. The name of the project is “Energy Recycling – Bicycle Creativity”

This years theme, “(RE)Cycling”  is about using old bikes to create art and leisure constructions. By the end of the 3 weeks of this workcamp the participants will create several constructions made out of nearly 60 old bikes. Rest stations for bikers, recharging points for electrical bikes and some sculptures made out of bicycles.

Bikes Break The Couch

Our team members Panagiotis and Vasilis had a very nice welcoming from the camp leaders, participants but also from the local community who actively embraces this project. On the morning of the 6th of August we started the day by shooting many interesting working activities. We cannot hide that the project is so photogenic so we couldn’t resist on filming everyone giving a new life to the old bicycles.

We are almost in the middle of the workcamp and the atmosphere of the group amazed us. Some of the results are already visible. Filming for 2 days the daily life of the workcamp we are leaving with very good feelings. The last night also since it was exactly the middle of the workcamp we celebrated it with a very nice vegetarian and non vegetarian BBQ.

Next morning is finding us on the way to Mali Stapar, Serbia a tiny village on the north of Serbia. 1050 km on the road driving in 4 countries with the need to use 3 different money currencies.

Stay tuned for the next workcamping experiences.

Photo album of this workcamp: