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1 Year Anniversary!

Break The Couch team blew its first candle on the 11th of May 2013.

All this 365 days we were working on different levels, in different projects and most of the time from different countries. Greece, UK, The Netherlands were some of the bases of our team. We did several things and we want to brag a bit about them, if it is ok with you.

Fun to be oneStarting that day of May 2012 in Athens we had lots of dreams. Time show to us that we have to make small steps in order to achieve the a big step. We can say we are kinda multitasking since we end up having several projects and for some of them you are not even aware of. Most of them though, you already know them so, we can just count them:

  • By the end of 2012 we managed to finish our first documentary named “More than a Marble Path/Κάτι Περισσότερο απο Μονοπάτι”.  ( )
  • We made our first official video clip for the composer Nicolas Livaditis on his song “Nanourisma” (Lullaby) sang from Krinthi Zira (>>click<<)
  • We present Break The Couch as an initiative in several trainings. Specifically:
    • November 2012: “Share and Promote” training (Miltenburg, Germany)
      We presented a first cut from our documentary since the training was about how to promote your voluntary work
    • February 2013: “I See Green” Youth Exchange (Ommen, The Netherlands)
      We presented on a workshop Break The Couch as a New Media initiative. How we use social media and the best practices so far.
    • April 2013: “Taking Changes!” training (Arnhem, The Netherlands)
      Break The Couch was invited from the organizers in this training for Youth Entrepreneurship along with other people 3 people working on the non-profit world to explain about Break The Couch as an informal group, what we did, how we did them and which are the future perspectives of the whole project.
  • We became partners with Olde Vechte Foundation in the Netherlands in the Youth Exchange dealing with the usage of media and a sustainable lifestyle named Levers of Change. So in August 2013 we will send 5 Greek people to attend this event.
  • We took part in the initiative Re-Think, Re-Act organized by the Citizens in Action with the support of the European Youth Foundation which focus on the Youngsters of Greece and how they deal with the financial crisis. Our initiative by itself it has been mentioned as a good example on a self-motivation and paradigmatic idea overcoming the jobless economy and being productive on a booklet. (>>click for the booklet (only in Greek)<<)


Apart from that we travelled in several places with our camera, even on the summit of Greece, Olympus mountain, we hitchhiked a pick up van in a Greek island, we worked several hours without a break, we consumed many bottles of wine, countless “gyros” and most of them not sitting on a couch. We mainly used a round table, some other times on Google Hangout, sometimes through WhatsApp and of course many times while doing something else but we got distracted on how to break the couch.

We hope that soon we will be back with news an updates that will signify a new prosperous year full of creation, fun and learning.

Stay tuned many surprises are coming soon!

“More Than A Marble Path” Documetary 2012

We have posted many things and media for our documentary “More Than A Marble Path” all this time like images comments and articles about the various projections. Now you can all enjoy our first documentary because it is available online for everyone to watch for free!

The movie is under this Creative Commons  License.


After 2 weeks of shooting in July of 2012 and 5 months of post-production the documentary “More than a Marble path” is ready. It is about 18 people from every corner of the planet who decided instead of holidays to travel at their own expenses in the small village of Isternia in Tinos island, Greece. Instead of spending 2 weeks on a sunbed with sunscreen they spent 2 weeks with a shovel and a rake. They wanted to join one of the hundreds of workcamps taking place each year around the world. The purpose of the program was to give life to a marble build path of unique historical importance that connects the village on the side of the hill with the sea and it was organized by the NGO Citizens in Action.

Produced by: BREAK THE COUCH team (Spyros Anastasiadis, Vasilis Dendrinos, Panagiotis Mamouzakis)
Directed by: Vasilis Dendrinos
Narrated by: George Siountas
Duration: 30′
Language: Greek-English-French
Subtitles: Greek, English
Production: Greece 2012 © BREAK THE COUCH

For all the latest News and Information don’t forget to visit the official website of the movie here.

Our first projection

Only a few days ago, Saturday that is, we had our first official projection.

The following Video was presented in a Youth in Action 4.3 project in Miltenburg, near Frankfurt, Germany called “Share and Promote” and its subject was how to do PR and promote international volunteering.  The participants, who were volunteers, experienced workcamp leaders, youth workers had the opportunity to have a sneak peek of the documentary we are already preparing. Panagiotis was there from the team and received the enthusiasm about the video and especially beauty of the place.

This video was created for the purposes of this exact training.

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