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Being Special

Few thoughts from Olga Karageorgiou, Greek participant of the Youth Exchange “Generation Y: Between Dystopia and Utopia” happened in Olde Vechte Foundation between 1-12 February 2014, in Ommen, The Netherlands.


Living in a country with more that 50% young unemployed people and having applied unsuccessfully more than 50 times for a job, I never felt special in my life. At least I didn’t feel that the others considered me as someone special. Coming to Olde Vechte for the exchange “Generation Y: Between Dystopia and Utopia” the people that showed us around asked us this very question: ‘Do you feel special?

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“GENERATION Y, Between Dystopia and Utopia” Youth Exchange, February 2014, The Netherlands

Application procedure for participants.

Generation Y pic 1

One last spot available

Dear friends,

We are happy to announce that the selection of participants for the GENERATION Y, Between Dystopia and Utopia youth exchange has just started. Break The Couch is the Greek partner of the training.

GENERATION Y, Between Dystopia and Utopia is a Media Youth Exchange program developed and organized by the Small House Productions.

It is happening between 1st-12th of February 2014 (excluding traveling days) in Ommen, the Netherlands, in the group-accommodation buildings of Olde Vechte Foundation and it is funded by Youth in Action.

For the GENERATION Y, Between Dystopia and Utopia Youth Exchange we are looking for 5 young people from Greece (18-30yo) that will travel to the Netherlands and during this 12 working days they will have the chance to work in an intercultural environment on how to work by media and be an example. This is a youth exchange about you, us and media. It will involve storytelling and it will bring in front the power of example. We believe everyone has a story to tell – and now more than ever young people should stand as an example for past and future generations. From personal stories to the story of a generation.

We invite youngsters from Greece that they are motivated to make a difference in their community or their surroundings through media and the power of example. If you are interested in working with video, photography, storytelling and exploring cultural diversity then this exchange is most probably for you.

Olde VechteIn the project, the 5 Greek young people will meet and work with youngsters from the Netherlands, Croatia, France, Lithuania, Romania, Latvia and Turkey.

For more information and application forms click the following links:

Generation Y Info Pack
Generation Y Application form

if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at

This project is funded by Youth in Action and participants have to cover 30% of their travel expenses and 50€ of the participation fee. Accommodation, food, program costs are 100% covered.


Firestarter** sparks Break The Couch

Olde VechteSince one of our members currently lives in the Netherlands, we had the chance to get involved and participate in a very interesting meeting located in the picturesque setting of Olde Vechte foundation. Olde Vechte Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, with a long experience in social and cultural work based in Ommen, the Netherlands.

Between the 12th and the 16th of December 2012 20 people from 13 different countries gathered up in Ommen in order to realize the second meeting of the Firestarter Network. This network started sparkling in Cork, Ireland, when under the funds of EU many performance artists gathered and created an informal network between organizations & informal groups connected to theater & performance that work in the social field. The aim of the Network is to collaborate on new projects in order to develop and enhance the use of theater within different social contexts.

FirestartersPanagiotis, one of our team members participated in the meeting being invited by the Small House productions as a representative from the Break The Couch team.

During the 4 days of the meeting the participants had the chance to form a manifesto regarding the network, to discuss about future plans, to deepen in already running projects, to evaluate past activities and in general to create an unique atmosphere. They managed all together to build an administrative committee and to formulate the channels of communication of the network. They scheduled a detailed strategy plan for the upcoming months until the 3rd meeting of the network, hopefully in Berlin in September 2013. Of course there were many surprises by Small House productions, concerning a 2 days movement workshop and many cheerful nights indoors and outdoors.

Break The Couch decided not to get involved as a partner on any of the near future programs but we decided to help by documenting some parts of the meeting on video, and gain from the whole experience as much as possible. Our goal is to get ready as soon as possible to try to get funds in order to invest them in youth work, trying to motivate youngsters to break their couches.

More news to come soon…

Thank you Olde Vechte foundation and Small House productions for the opportunity!