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Cuts & Transitions – BTC Lab 1


A cut is an abrupt or sudden change or jump in camera angle, location, placement, or time, from one shot to another. A visual cut consists of a transition from one scene to another.

The basic categories of cutting we analyse in these videos are: Hard Cut, Cutting on action, Cuttaway, Look off, Cross cutting, Jump Cut, Match cut, Dissolve, Smash Cut, Iris, Wipe, Fade, Invisible cut, Combinations of the previous. We made some small examples using playmobil toysso that we will have easy and first hand experience.

Break the Couch lab is a series of videos in which we study and research each time a new filmmaking skill.

Song (under CC Attribution licence):
Doctor Turtle – 05 – It Looks Like The Future But It Feels Like The Past