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In the army now

Workcamp #5, Soesterberg, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

BasisAlmost a month ago, 13-15 September 2013, two different members of the Break The Couch team reunited in the Netherlands in order to film the last Workcamp for the Alliance Video Project. This time Spyros flew from UK to meet Panagiotis who lives in the Netherlands in order to film the workcamp happening in the Festival de Basis.

Arriving late night in the facilities that the volunteers are hosted we realised that we have to issue passes to enter the premises of the accommodation. The reason is that the volunteers were actually hosted inside a military base. Therefore we ‘ve been treated like a soldiers. Both Spyros and Panagiotis recalled memories from their military duty back in Greece, and it’s better to drop this topic since it is pointless to compare Greek and Dutch army facilities.

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of September we spend the whole days strolling around the old military airport of Soesterberg. Utrecht province was celebrating the 300 years of treaty happened in their town. For more information for the whole event click >>here<< . Therefore the whole airport was transformed to a huge festival event. Concerts, galleries, art, theater, opera, sports, restaurants, games for children and many more activities were planned for the visitors of  the Festival de Basis.

Within the Festival de Basis, in Soesterberg Royal Netherlands Air Force Base there was a workcamp of SIW Internationale Vrijwilligersprojecten happening. The reason is to bring along with the local volunteers a bunch of international volunteers who will assist the Festival for 2 weeks. Volunteers from America, Europe and Asia joined forced with the local Dutch volunteers and carry the whole festival.


Despite the rainy weather Break The Couch team grabbed some bikes and stroll around the base for two days filming events and the interaction of the volunteers with the guests and the rest of the volunteers.

game overThis workcamp was the last planned workcamp to visit during our video project. Now all the members of Break The Couch team are back to their own Bases and the most important part of this project, the post production has already started.

Stay tuned for the results of the Alliance Video Project.

Photo album of this workcamp: